Moms Blog at Mommy Enterprises California Mommy Blogger

Moms Blog at Mommy Enterprises California Mommy Blogger

Starting your parenting journey can often be a scary and challenging prospect for many of us out there, including myself! A few months before my son Levi was born, I noticed that I was constantly scouring the web for information on what being a first-time parent was going to be like. I crammed as much into my brain as I could, often this information was from generic websites that didn’t really have a real-world voice, which didn’t seem to ease my anxiety. 

What eventually came across was mommy blogs, which I found to be one of the only online resources that would actually give me what I need and make me feel like other moms have felt like I have and that it’s going to be okay. These mom blogs would go on to be the sole reason why I set up my own right here! 🙂 

So, today I thought I’d talk to you about one of my favourite mom blogs – the moms blog at mommy enterprises california mommy blogger! This blog was a lifesaver in the early stages of bringing Levi into the world. The owner Sfefani would often respond to comments that I’d make and would make me feel just a whole lot better when I was in periods of doubt about how I should be doing things. Stefani has 3 daughters and a son just a little bit older than Levi, so it was so helpful and inspiring to read somebody else’s joys but also the challenges of raising their first son!

Stefani’s inspirational qualities don’t end there though – she’s a freelance writer, content creator and recipe creator! So wears many hats around the house as you might imagine. It’s these things that inspired me to become a blogger and content creator myself, so have Stefani to thank again for that.

She started the blog in 2004 as a way of making up for not keeping a perfect baby scrapbook for her first-born daughter (you know how it is ladies with the first one). You’re so busy trying to make every little thing perfect and trying to do a gazillion things at once that you forgot about the little things and to document the experience. I took note of Stefani mentioning this in one of her posts, and so a couple of weeks before Levi was due I bought the domain for and the rest was history! I can’t imagine not blogging and writing about my experiences with parenthood and responding to the comments and just everything that is amazing about being a mom and doing this with you all.

So to conclude, there’s so much advice out there for parents and soon-to-be mommas and papas that you can try and hoover up into your brain, but I find that reading lessons and experiences shared in a first-hand, personal-level kind of voice like mom blog at mommy enterprises california mommy blogger, you really get a sense that somebody has lived this before and that everything is fine. Thanks again Stefani for helping me on my parenting journey and I hope you all can take something from her too! 

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